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Latest Developments at AMV

We at AMV Aircraft are excited and continually encouraged by the improvements and developments to the AMV-211 VTOL aircraft. The latest performance-enhancing modifications bring the VTOL aircraft closer than ever to a mass-producible Personal Aircraft for use by the general public.

Recent developments for the AMV-211 include upgrading the first generation version Mazda engine to a high-performance, helicopter turbine engine. Secondly, we have implemented a thrust-vectoring device to counter the torque caused by the propeller. Thirdly, the AMV 211 has now been upgraded to include two main landing gears at the wing attachments.

1) Lycoming T53 Helicopter Turbine Engine - In 2006 the decision was made to convert from the original Mazda rotary engine to a high-performance helicopter turbo shaft engine. By late 2007 our engine was installed, and the AMV-211 was then re-configured for the powerful turbo shaft engine which works flawlessly.

2) Implementation of a thrust-vectoring device to counter the torque caused by the propeller. This is the added benefit of using a turbine engine, since the exhaust thrust can be vectored.

3) New Landing Gears - The aircraft also has received two main landing gears at the wing attachments. This modification has improved the horizontal short take off and landing capabilities.

2008 has seen a number of hours of in-flight testing on the newly configured aircraft. Additionally, the AMV-211 has already achieved several short hover flights with emphasis on perfecting the flight controls for vertical flight.

The AMV-211, and its promise of personal freedom is proving to be a very popular idea with the general public as well as to the innovative Venture Capitalists with their eye on the future of modern transportation. Additionally, the Discovery Channel show "Next World" will be airing a special segment on the AMV-211 during the month of September 2008.


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